The Company has well established systems, controls and procedures that are aligned throughout all business dealings to stimulate a culture that emphasizes ethics, individual accountability and transparency. The Company’s management, Board of Directors and Employees adhere to the high ethical standards and commit to contribute to sustainable economic development.

Board of Directors

Mr. Neeraj Sharma

President and Whole Time Director

Mr. Masahiro Kuroki

Joint President and Executive Director

Mr. Masahito Tokuda

Non-executive Director

Mr. Ashok Minda

Non-executive Director

Mr. Amandeep Chhabra

Head - Sales and Marketing

Mr. Amit Kumar Dubey

Head - Finance and Accounts

Mr. Ayumu Nakashima

Head - Engineering

Mr. Jitender Kumar

Head – Human Resource

Ms. Kanika Sukheeja

Head – CSR

Mr. Kensuke Kowaka

Head - Components

Mr. Parveen Kumar

Head - Supply Chain Management

Mr. Rahul Singhal

Head - Information Technology

Mr. Satyapal Singh

Head- Plant and Manufacturing